Press statement by YB Wong Kah Woh, State Assemblyman of Canning dated 27.12.2012


MCA youth secretary Chai Kim Sen is advised to first and foremost find out the truth rather than relying on hearsay before levying the attack on DAP Perak with the allegation of “Land in exchange of MBship”


Chai has urged Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham and State Secretary Nga Kor Ming to declare their assets alleging that they had received gratification from PAS.


In his statement 2 days ago, Ngeh explained and clarified the full background of the land dealings, but Chai has refused to take this clarified stance.


Chai, in his statement, asked why DAP has supported a PAS State Assemblyman to be the MB as DAP is holding the most number of state seats. If there are any doubts, Chai should ask himself and MCA, why there are still restrictions in the Perak Constitution after 51 years, whereby the MB must be of Malay race.


If Chai is unsure about the history and background of the appointment of the MB, he is to be reminded now that the 3 parties in PR had submitted one nomination each for the MBship, that is Mohd Nizar bin Jamaluddin for PAS, Ngeh Koo Ham for DAP and Mohamad Jamaluddin for PKR. His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Perak had chosen among them, Dato’ Seri Mohd Nizar to be the MB. Is Chai and MCA now questioning the prerogative and decision of the Sultan?


It is commendable that although Chai was not at the State Assembly sitting during the 5 days budget sitting, he knew that the UMNO SA for Slim Dato’ Khusairi had shown a document during the debate, purportedly proving the alleged wrong doings of Ngeh. We want to know if Chai has ever seen and read what the documents are all about, or is merely depending on hearsay news.


The documents shown by the UMNO representatives was in fact a Sale of Share Agreement which was dated in 2012, directly proving that the whole land transaction was an open market transaction with proper consideration, and not a case of “Land in exchange of MBship” as alleged. This is a slap on BN’s own face but Chai has chosen to treat it as something special for him.


It is indeed a PR Perak policy that all EXCO members are to declare their assets. This is one of the many important manifestos for PR Perak in PRU13. The declaring of assets is not a problem to anyone of the PR elected representatives. The question now rests on the BN ruling state government, whether or not they dare to declare their assets since they are in the office now? Or would they again used the excuse “afraid of personal safety” as an excuse to not do so?


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Tell him back why mca still support umno after 55yrs

  2. Ho Alex via Facebook says:

    Use your brain before talking don’t Bark

  3. Rusty brain…..never use for 55 years

  4. Chris Wong via Facebook says:

    who is Chai??….. another BN publicity opportunist??….

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