MBI passed new regulation

Ipoh Mayor, Dato Roshidi Hashim’s announcement today that MBI had passed the new regulation that if the local shop owner fail to hang the National Flag during Merdeka day and DYMM Sultan’s birthday, their licences will be revoked and not allow for renewal.

The 24 MCA, UMNO, MIC and Gerakan city councillors shall be held responsible for such ridiculous, insensible, abuse of power ruling.  If Pakatan Rakyat still administer the silver State, such regulation will not be allowed to oppressed the business community at large. Hanging National flag & doing business is two distinct separate issue. It is mere cosmetic exercise & does not help to strengthen National patriotism. The Government must understand Patriotism comes from the heart of the people, just like respect, it can only be earned but not to be forced.

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Nga Kor Ming

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Jong says:

    Roshidi surprises me with this announcement, totally uncalled for! He obviously is trying too hard to please his new political masters, to be their favourite little Napolean but with much public outcry, they aren’t supporting him are they? ..Silly man!!

  2. JC says:

    who bother such this rules ???we are not bold to this …ask them take some time and think how to developed and growth our economic state and dun waste time to think such ridiculous idea …

  3. Frankie Tee says:

    Where can i get free Malaysia flag???

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