It is shocking to note that PM’s department staff had increased more than 100% in 8 years time since 2003 which now cost all Malaysians to pay RM4 billion salary to this 43,544 staff. The shocks are made worse that the increase of staff from 21,005 include PM’s department setting up and maintaining office for former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah, a ridiculous act. With our national debt stands at RM378.3 billion with the continuing 15 years deficits, it is hard to swallow that a single Najib’s Department had cost us RM4 billion to maintain. If Najib can just cut 20% of his department’s expenses, all Malaysian will save RM800 billion, no fuel hike, less pain for all. What say you, Mr Prime Minister??

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Nga Kor Ming

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. peng says:

    What else can be said? The nation really needs divine intervention to wake up the sleeping rakyat who still voted/support BN.

  2. Jong says:

    Very well-said, good job MP Nga! Shocking it is, they are using tax-payers’ money like nobody’s business, as if they grow on trees!

    If every Pakatan Rakyat Member of Parliament concerned as as you, question Najib’s administration on such blatant unnecessary spending, motives and demand clarification in the interest of the rakyat, I am most certain PR is sure to take over Feds come GE-13!

    We await Prime Minister Najib’s reply in writing. Meanwhile, please keep up the momentum!

  3. Jong says:

    The MalaysianInsider reports:

    # The Najib administration revealed today that it had allocated a whopping RM3.956 billion this year to finance operations in the Prime Minister’s Department.#

    - Finanace what ops in PM’s dept that needs that much? It’s not under OSA, is it? The Rakyat wants to know.

    Those billions are definitely ‘looted’ from Raykat, to look ‘legimate’ for PM’s spending(as if his/BN’s!) for his on-going election campaign promises eg as in Sibu Rejang Park that was never kept, and why when it’s Rakyat’s money? Watch the video again..

  4. angela ooi says:

    It is news like these that makes one think the Bn govt is getting from worse to completely gone bonkers!
    This obscene amount of $$ in his hands, only encourages Najis to ‘enable’ himself and his own agenda instead of the collective good for the rakyat.

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