Sibu By Election

The Official result: DAP- 18,845, BN- 18,447, IN- 232. DAP wins with a majority of 398 after waiting for 28 years since 1982. Congratulations and our warmest gratitude to the people of Sibu, we are proud of u!-Nga Kor Ming.

Dear all, i am proud to inform all beloved Malaysian, DAP won with a majority of 398 in Sibu.It is Final.God bless Malaysia!!-Nga Kor Ming.

As at 10p.m, Voting reach critical hour. We have problems with Postal votes — BN 2287, DAP 87, Bebas 27. Disputed votes 436, we were arguing with election commission. SUPP wanted recount just now. DAP Leaders heading to counting center waiting for announcement.very tense.Pray God save this nation.-Nga Kor Ming.

Unofficial results shows DAP won by 281 votes, BN refuse to accept people’s verdict and asked for recounting. Our victory may be stolen from us. Pray hard that God bless our nation. !!-nga kor ming.

Latest results shows DAP won by 281 votes, still
waiting for final results. God is great!!-nga kor ming.

Dap- 16178 BN- 13156, Majority 3022, 90.50% counted. Postal n malay votes remaining 2571.We should be home.God blessed.

As at 7.35pm, 88 percent votes counted, DAP majority 2817!we are marching towards people great victory.-Nga Kor Ming.

As at 7.15pm, 75.22 percent votes counted,DAP majority 1577, but postal votes still not counted.Pray hard.

Dear all, As at 7pm,61.73 percent votes counted,DAP majority 1544 at Sibu By Election,Hope for miracle.God bless Malaysia.-Nga Kor Ming.

Dear all, As at 6.40pm, 55 percent votes counted,
dap majority is 838.Pls pray for people’s victory.-Nga Kor Ming.

More than 15,000 people attended DAP Grand Finale at Sibu By Election
here.The moment of destiny has come! tonite the people of Sibu will
create History tomorrow. We have done our best and we believe God will
do the rest.God bless Sibu, God bless Sarawak, God bless Malaysia.-Nga
Kor Ming.


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