Ceramah DAP 2

Coming Ceramah Perdana DAP :31st July, 2010(Sat) 7p.m DAP Kg Tawas,

venue : Restaurant Kuok Thai, Tasek, Ipoh.Speakers : Nga Kor Ming, M Kula, Dato Ngeh Koo Ham, Lim Kit Siang etc….

Contact person : Cheah Poh Heng Tel : 016-5558766 or Cheong Chee King Tel : 019-5585898

Dear my friends, all of u can do a lot of things & be part of the team. It will make a difference!

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Join DAP as members and subscribe to The Rockets to help disseminating info.

Take out the responsibility to put your thought for alternative media etc.

In short, there is a will, there is a way. Thanks!

Nga Kor Ming

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Dear my friends, all of u can contribute & be part of the team. It will make a difference! 1st, help to “Share” & “Like” our contents in FB to disseminate information. 2nd,get all your friends to join http://facebook.com/davidngakorming TQ

Dear my friend, if u c my tweet or message,kindly help to add share & like to send out the message to whoever u know.Your help is needed,TQ.

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